Sunday, November 7, 2010

Coming this week: Sweet Bee Exfoliating Skin Scrubs

Sweet Bee Sugar Scrub: sugar, vitamin E, olive oil and essential oils combine to create a tranquil and smoothing exfoliating scrub for more sensitive skin. Currently available in lavender, lavender-vanilla, tangerine, and peppermint.

Sweet Bee Sea Salt Scrub
: sea salt, vitamin E, olive oil, and essential oils combine to provide a wonderful exfoliating scrub for dry and less sensitive skin. Currently available in lavender, lavender-vanilla, tangerine-coconut, and peppermint.

Sweet Bee Invigorating Coffee Body Scrub: ground coffee, sugar, vanilla bean, vitamin E and coconut oil combine to make a delightfully warm and gentle exfoliating scrub.

These scrubs are to be applied directly to the skin (preferably in the shower, as your skin is moistened and pores opened) and rubbed in a circular motion with fingertips, washcloth or loofah. Rinse off and pat skin dry.

Can't decide what best suits your skin type? See the chart below for a comparison of the salt and sugar scrubs. These scrubs make a wonderful PRE-SHAVE exfoliate.

These scrubs are designed to exfoliate and moisturize with healing oils. They can be customized to meet your personal skincare needs. CALL OR EMAIL to request yours or to determine what would work best for your needs. The cost for each 3 oz. scrub is 50 cents.

Healing hand salves and soothing vapor rubs, just in time for winter....COMING SOON!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Survey of Demand: Vapor and Hand salves

I am currently contemplating two new beeswax products: a lavender or eucalyptus vapor salve (very similar to Vick's vapor rub) and a hand salve. These products would be very useful for the approaching winter season.

I'd like to get a feel for the demand. If you would like to see these products available for purchase, please leave a comment in the "comments" section of this post.

Thank you for your help!