Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the BUZZ around here...

The Bees Knees lip balm: I just ordered 500 more tubes for lip balm. They should arrive midweek, and we've got PLENTY of McCarty beeswax....therefore, MORE LIP BALM ON THE WAY, folks!

I am working to add more flavors, but I want to test demand before investing MORE money into the operation. It will be safe to say, I should have each of the flavors below available by the beginning of next week:

Vanilla Mint
Orange Spice (our seasonal scent--think orange, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla)
Peppermint Twist
Dolce Cappuccino
Honey Lemon
Lemon Mint
Cinnamon Stick

If there's a flavor combination from above that you'd like me to custom-make, I may be able to do that for you.

McCarty Apiaries Raw Honey
All honey from last week's extraction has been sold. We plan to extract again in the late spring; if we have any available before then, I will contact those on our waiting list.

An aside: It was accidental that we had honey to sell this year, as we (the bees, primarily) usually only produce half of what they did this year. We are hopeful that our hives will remain strong (and not swarm this year) and the queens will produce even stronger hives than last year. We, here at McCarty Apiaries (primarily the senior beekeeper) will work hard to make the bees' winter easy and spring much alive for them--all in hopes for a fruitful yield next extraction!

If you are not on our waiting list and wish to be, reply to this post or email us direct at mccartyhoney@gmail.com.


Melinda said...

We love ours! Conner enjoys the constant taste of coffee on his lips; and I think my vanilla mint is so smooth! Great job!

Melissa said...

Love the orange spice and vanilla mint!

Christy said...

I appreciate the positive feedback; feedback, of any kind, is helpful.

I want to continue to develop our products to please our buyers!

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